Staying Present on Your Wedding Day

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When your wedding day comes and goes in a flash, how can you soak it all in? Just follow these helpful tips for staying present on your wedding day.


Keep a Routine

Whatever your routine is on a daily basis, keep it on your wedding day. If you go to bed early or workout daily, keep doing this. If you wake up, stretch, take a walk, drink a cup of tea, do this. It will keep you grounded and focused and will help set up the rest of the day feeling comfortable.

Start Planning Early

Don’t wait until the last minute to make arrangements. Start as early as possible so you’re not waking up with stress acne the week of your wedding. Finish all DIY projects beforehand, make sure your hair appointment is scheduled well enough in advance, break in your shoes, prep an emergency kit for the day of. Your wedding day will have hiccups, but having these details, no matter how small, figured out ahead of time will allow you to enjoy your wedding day with ease.

Wing Man/Woman

You can’t be everywhere at once and you don’t want to be. Ask your friends and family for their help! They want to do whatever they can to support you on your big day! Ask for help with things like: bringing lunch, drop things off at the venue, communicate with vendors, etc. I also suggest trusting someone with your phone for the day. You don’t want to have that distraction on your special day.



 It’s so important to relieve simple tasks and even difficult tasks to others for you wedding day.  Even if you are a control freak and like to do everything on your own, delegating a least some items on your list will help to open up time for yourself on your day. Recruit a trusted loved one, or ensure that you’ve hired trustworthy vendors so you can feel at ease knowing everything is taken care of.

Take a Step Back

Throughout your day, take a step back. Don’t be constantly in the crowd and talking to everyone all day. During your prep: sit down, watch your friends, go outside and take a deep breath, have a moment. Before your ceremony: take a moment to look around and take in everything that is happening. During your portraits: let your photographer guide you. Relax and watch the portraits take place, have a drink, sit for a moment. And at your reception, take your significant other and step away so that you can see everyone having a great time and enjoying themselves. Take it all in, be present. Look at your decor in detail, look at your cake, your loved ones, and breathe.


Get Organized

Staying present on your wedding day becomes so much easier when you get organized. When planning, make sure you set a realistic timeline of the day so you can stay as organized as possible. Give yourself more time than you think you need for each part of the day – you never know what problems may arise. Make sure your hair appointment is scheduled early enough so you don’t run late to the venue. If you’re wanting a sunset photo session, make sure you’ve accounted for the timing of this during the flow of your day. Being organized will help you remain stress-free and move through your day with ease.

Flow Through the Day

Remember to embrace the day. It’s your wedding day! You’ve planned so long for this, it’s only right you enjoy the fruits of your labor. Consider having a sweetheart table so you can soak in the beauty of your wedding day alongside your significant other. Or take a second to step outside and look in at your loved ones celebrating your big day. However you choose to do it, make sure you take moments throughout your day to be mindful and appreciate all you’ve done to bring this together. The stressful part is over, now it’s time to relax and enjoy your big day!



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