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Stay at Home Mom, Business Owner and Coronavirus Quarantine     Let me guess. You’re feeling overwhelmed, out of control, anxious, and not sure where to start to get back on track now that your normal schedule is all OUT OF WHACK!! Balancing business and mom life is NO JOKE!   I feel ya. I […]

Stay at Home Mom, Business Owner and Coronavirus Quarantine


At home session of engagement in Texas for post about covid-19.


Let me guess. You’re feeling overwhelmed, out of control, anxious, and not sure where to start to get back on track now that your normal schedule is all OUT OF WHACK!! Balancing business and mom life is NO JOKE!


I feel ya. I had the same feelings until I started implementing a few strategies.


Disclaimer: Short pity party coming up!!

I have a beautiful, sweet 2 1/2 year old who can’t entertain himself for too long, so I get about 1 hour during the day to actually work.

So when everyone seems to have all the time in the world, I have NO time.






Instead, I’m going to work smarter.

So how am I balancing mom life with a 2 year old and a business?

Very planned and with lots of wine. LOL

No really. Timing is tight but once I have clear vision of how my day will be I don’t feel overwhelmed, confused, out of control or like my business is falling through the cracks.


Here’s my advice for you to help with balancing business and mom life:


mapping out your day:

The day before, map out how your day will look so you not scrambling to figure what to do all day. Figure out your priorities and what will NEED to get done. Set the most important item on your list for the most productive part of your day. Mine is nap time or at the end of the day around 8pm.



This is motherhood. With a 2 year old things can change every 5 minutes. Be flexible with children. Know that things may not always go to plan. They may hate their lunch, or not sleep for nap time or just simply not feel well and be cranky all day!! AND THATS OK. That’s why there’s wine. J/k.


Roll with the punches.

Have patience.

Not everyday will be hard.



This is sooooo important. Time block your day into hour-long segments. Laser focus on just that one item. Don’t go scrolling on IG or TikTok for new dance moves or Pinterest for recipes. Stay focused on whatever item you have time blocked at that moment. I usually give myself about 2-3 hours of editing at a time. After that, my brain needs a break to rest so then I move onto the next item I have time blocked. You’ll be AMAZED at how quickly things start knocking off your list.



This is also super important to stay motivated and inspired!! CLEAN UP YOUR SPACE! Organize. Rearrange. Add new elements to make it inspiring, pictures, plants, candles, music… think sensory elements. If your space is not inspiring and full of unorganized items, your brain will function this way. Unorganized.

Refresh – take one zone at a time and rearrange it.

Add – Add new elements that you love. Something around your house, a new plant, some pictures of traveling, anything that inspires you.

Light – Bring in natural light. Dark rooms can be depressing. Open the windows, let in fresh air.



Find a VA (virtual assistant) to help with your emails, marketing, sales, social media, anything. VA’s are everywhere right now! So many people can help you. This is critical to keep things moving and not have clients or customers waiting. There’s TONS of people out there looking for work-from-home jobs. Accounting, marketing assistants, etc. Figure out the area you need help in the most that takes the most time and outsource.



I now wake up at 5:30am to get a few things done, drink some tea, write down my happy vibes list (things that make me feel gratitude and happy!) and map out my day before getting my son at 6:30/7. While he eats breakfast and watches a little show, I send out a couple emails or start writing a blog post.

NAP TIME: I have about 1 hour to get the most important thing done on my list. Usually I have this planned out before it’s nap time so I can just get to work. What about the mess in the house? That can wait. I usually have my son help me or just pick things up as he’s playing.



Constant communication with clients and customers and vendors keeps things open and not in the dark. If you can’t do everything, let them know. Send them personal emails, WhatsApp them or call them! Show them how important they are and that you are here for them. They don’t know what’s going on in your life so great communication is very important. Remember we are all going through this together. They would LOVE to hear from you.


Hope these little tips help you! Leave a comment with any other helpful tips that we can all share!!

Thanks for stopping by!


happy vibes:

I spent 2 hours playing with my son and forgot all about the chaos in the world.

My son picks me flowers everyday.

I get to drink my favourite tea everyday.

Laughter keeps away frown wrinkles.

Anxiety is the virus. Don’t let it spread through your mind.

Being around nature helps calm the soul.

Rose wine is my new fav wine.

I’m still working and building a business. This makes me smile.



Stay safe and positive friends!


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