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I'm Amber.  Photographer, mentor, coach, and constant wander-luster.

I truly believe when you set impactful, purpose driven goals and keep reaching for your dreams, your life becomes so much more meaningful.  

Sometimes we can get lost in the day to day hustle of life so keep your dreams at the forefront of all you do and create an impact in people's lives. 

The little things in life bring me the most joy.  Like sitting barefoot in my backyard feeling the breeze, getting my favorite matcha at my fav coffee shop Full Bloom, and sitting on my quiet porch drinking tea. It's the same way I approach photography.

The blurry movement of a dress, hair getting caught in the breeze, hands tangled together, the flicker of light through the trees, lens flare coming through the window capturing a dancing child .... all the little details that combine to build a story. 

I see things differently.

My approach

Let's dive into 


Travel obsessed

Began in 2015

Mama + wifey


As I said before, travel is my obsession. I’m constantly planning for the next adventure. Something about travel is sooooooo refreshing and I just feel like it makes me a more rounded person and sparks my creativity. To see how different cultures live and celebrate around the world is beyond inspiring.  

I've been to Australia, Venice, Costa Rica, Santorini, Barbados, St. Lucia, Grenada, St. Maarten, New York, London, Paris, and a few others.  

When I get to mix travel and photography together, it’s a whole new world (can you hear Aladdin playing too?) That’s it for me. That’s my bread and butter. That’s what gets my heart pumping. 

Morocco, Thailand, Ireland, Africa, Bolivia, Patagonia, Oregon, Egypt, and many more. 



Being the mom of a 3 year old is a beautiful thing.  Everyday my son Zayne makes me smile with his silly comments, random quotes and goofy child humour.  He is my light. 

Of course it's always a challenge to be all the things all the time.  We are still working on the harmony between all the elements of life but each day has it's happy moments.  And I couldn't do any of it without my husband Jon.  

He has been my rock, my business advisor, my best friend.  He's so good at being a father and husband it inspires me everyday to be an even better mother and wife.  

There is beauty in everyday life.  Sometimes it's hard to see but when I slow down, it's right in front of me. 



I'm not going to say I plant a tree everyday and sing songs to my plants (ok only sometimes).  When I say earth lover, I mean just that.  I love the earth, love the outdoors, love being in the sea, all of it.

I try everyday to make conscience decisions that help with keep the planet a better place.  Recycling, turning off lights, opening the windows for fresh air.  I'm not 100% perfect when it comes to being sustainable but I'm completely motivated and inspired by all sustainability practices and try to promote within my business.  Whether it's choosing print companies that use reclaimed wood and recycled paper materials or promoting ZERO WASTE wedding ideas, it's a CORE VALUE in my company to be as earth friendly as possible.  

Help save the planet with me by promoting the ways you are incorporating sustainability into your life. 



I never wished to be a wedding photographer.

It was never something I wanted to do with my life.  But I always had a fascination for travel and photography.  I would look through my dad's National Geographic Magazines each month and dreamed of far off lands.  I took pictures of everything.  Always had a camera in my hand.  But never ONCE did I say I want to be a wedding photographer.  The pressure of a wedding, NO WAY.  So I started small, shooting newborns with my traveling PVC pipe backdrop stand (cringe), shooting families, but it just didn't click with me.  Then, in 2015, I shot my first wedding. It was like a spark.  Like magic!

I realized that the art, the story, and the connections with people FAR exceeded any stress of shooting a wedding. And I wanted to shoot them all.   


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