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Planning an elopement in an unfamiliar place? Check out this destination elopement checklist to make sure everything goes smoothly!


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There’s an ease to an elopement.  An intimacy, a romance, a simple yet powerful connection.

It’s a feeling.  But like weddings, there is still a tiny bit of planning that goes into it.  Destination elopements can be a bit trickier since you are not there to see and touch anything.  A lot of trust goes into destination elopements.

I put together a few tips that should help with everything.



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Choosing Your Location

This is either the toughest part or the easiest part. Either way, this should be one of your first priorities. I believe it should be somewhere that has a real soul touching connection to you both, or somewhere totally new that would be an epic experience. It could be simple or adventurous. It could be by the lake in Patagonia or on the beach in Thailand. Think outside the box. What do you both love to do? Where do you love to go? What are your favorite places or where have you both always wanted to go?


How Intimate Do You Want It to Be?

Some couples just want the two of them. Others would like to include some family members. Consider these when choosing a location for your destination elopement. How accessible is it for your family to travel? Is there enough space to host everyone? Are there enough accommodations available? The more people you include the more you’ll have to consider these things into planning.


How Close Are Your Accommodations?

Your accommodations should be close to where you’ll be ENDING your day. The last thing you’re going to want to do as newlyweds is take a mini road trip to get to your hotel. Research the area ahead of time and assess your options so your day flows oh so smoothly.


groom holds brides train as they walk down the beach surrounded by trees after their boho destination elopement

Add Extra Days to Your Trip

Add some extra days before and after your wedding day for travel. You don’t want to arrive the night before your wedding only to find yourself rushing around to get everything in order for the day ahead. Give yourselves that cushion so you can truly enjoy the trip together.


Bring Unique Personal Touches

If you’re opting to have a small reception, bring some personal touches to add to your decor. This helps bring that uniqueness of you as a couple wherever you decide to marry. Spread old photos of your family around. Save corks from wine bottles you’ve shared with loved ones and fill a mason jar to use as table decor. Bringing that personal touch will make your day that much more special to you.


Have an Adventure!

You’re in a gorgeous destination that the two of you felt was perfect for your elopement. Explore! Take a day and have an adventure to add even more to your memories. It’s an extremely special time in your lives so why not capture another memorable day together?



couple joins together pouring sand into a vase as part of their destination elopement beach ceremony. brides bouquet sits on a small white antique table as they smile together.

If you found this destination elopement checklist helpful, be sure to scope out the rest of the blog for more guides and tips! 

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