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8 Essentials for a Tropical Elopement

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Having a destination elopement or intimate wedding in the Caribbean or Mexico? Or just somewhere hot and sandy?

Then you DEFINITELY need these essentials!

couple dances on beach for boho elopement photo session

1. Extra Sandals or Foot Jewelry… or Best of All, Barefoot!

The landscape can be tricky so always bring extra light sandals or just go barefoot in the sand! This gives that extra touch that fully immerses you at the moment. Look extra snazzy with some fun foot jewelry.

 2. Cute Hat

For obvious reasons. A hat is such a great accessory to have on hand. It allows for a wider variety of fun poses for the two of you, and it shields you from the sun! Two for one with a cute hat!

3. Grass Fan

Stay earth-friendly with a grass fan. Another fun accessory to have on hand and create some fun poses. It’ll also help keep you cool when the sunbeams get to be intense. Talk about essentials for a tropical elopement!

4. Extra Men’s Shirt

Yep, men have to wear all sorts of clothes on their day so bringing an extra shirt is always good. It gets hot out there! Best to have an extra shirt on hand so the focus isn’t on the sweat stains.

boho bride poses on beach rocks with waves crashing into her during her tropical elopement. with one hand she holds her bridal bouquet and the other is caressing her crown.

5. Extra Dress

The same goes for the bride! Having an extra set of clothes handy never hurt – you never know where the day will take you! If you’re running in the surf for some epic shots in your wedding dress, it will get heavy so you may want to change into something lighter.

6. Reusable Water Bottle

@livelarq is AMAZING! It’s a self-cleaning water bottle. Need I say more..

7. Umbrella

We get lots of rain in the rainy season and even sometimes during our dry season. Always come prepared with that extra protection so you don’t ruin your clothes and are stuck wet all day.

8. Zero Waste and Reef Safe Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the most important essentials for a tropical elopement. Stay safe in the sun by protecting your skin. These are some of my all-time favorites:





couple kissing in front of natural boho floral arch on beach for elopement. newlyweds wear their wedding attire as they stand on the beach.


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