intimate beach wedding in St. maarten at little divi bay

Stay Relaxed On Your Wedding Day

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Follow these 14 tips for feeling comfortable and stress-free.

intimate beach wedding in St. maarten at little divi bay

You’ve done the work.

The day has been planned.

Now it’s time to enjoy it.

Follow these tips to stay relaxed on your wedding day.

couple staying relaxed during intimate beach wedding in St. maarten at little divi bay

Be Organized

Start early and organize everything into one email folder or start a new email address just for your wedding. Keep everything together, build a spreadsheet with due dates for payments, call logs, vendors contact info and IG handles… the more organized the less stress you will have.


It’s one thing to be organized, but you first need the right frame of mind to be relaxed on your day. Remember, this day is for YOU and YOUR PARTNER. Nobody else. Enjoy it, because it’ll go by in a flash.


Take comfort in the fact that you’ve done everything you could do to make sure your day is great. Believe that everything is going to work out just fine, because it is.

couple enjoying their wedding day while staying relaxed, smiling, and embracing one another

Point Person

You want to have this day to yourself and not have to worry about all the little details and phone calls. This is critical. Ask a bridesmaid with authority or hire a wedding planner.


Start asking for help!! You don’t have to do everything on your own – you really can’t. So assign tasks to trusted friends and family members to make sure they’re taken care of without adding to your already crazy day.


The feeling of being in a routine will help you SO MUCH in staying relaxed on your wedding day. It’ll feel like every day, which will help you regulate your emotions so you won’t be sitting around feeling anxious. You want this day to feel as comfortable as possible. Following your regularly programmed morning routine is a great way to start it off.

Take Time for Yourself

It’s easy to get caught up in the day and find yourself hopping from person to person. It’s important to remember this is YOUR day. Make sure you’re taking moments to yourself so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

blurry black and white photo of newlyweds enjoying their wedding day

Go to Bed Early

Dark circles, who? Make sure you get plenty of sleep the night before your big day. It’s already going to be jam-packed, so you don’t want to start it off on the wrong side of the bed.

Treat Yourself to a Healthy Breakfast and Tea

Doing what you can to feel your best will help your day flow even smoother. Make sure you’re eating enough to keep your energy up throughout the day. The healthier, the better! Add some tea in the mix so you don’t feel bloated.

Music You Love

Music is the biggest form of comfort. Play your favorite songs to get yourself feeling good and amped up for the day. It’s a day to be celebrated so make sure you take time to do just that!

newlywed couple embracing one another on their wedding day

Soothing Scents

Of all of our senses, our ability to smell is the most powerful. Bringing some of your favorite scents with you on your wedding day will ensure you feel the most comfortable. Bring especially cozy scents to feel all the comfy feels.

Have the Right People Around You

Surround yourself with those you love most on your wedding day. You want to spend your time and create those memories with them. With that, they’ll make you feel comfortable and keep your nerves at bay. Well.. maybe not at bay, but you’ll definitely be feeling better with them by your side!

The Prep Location

Be familiar with the space you’re going to be hosting your wedding. This is a simple way to help you feel more comfortable, since you’ll be spending your whole day there.

Take a Step Back

Remember to have a moment to just breathe and watch your wedding day. Take a moment for both of you. This is your big day. All the planning, the research, the tracking – it’s come to fruition. Breathe, and let yourself enjoy this day to the fullest. You deserve it.

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