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So. Pandemic it is. The world is in total panic. And your beautiful wedding is ready, paid for, invitations out, dress bought. You’ve got yourself an upcoming pandemic wedding…..what to do now?!

Don’t stress!! You have options. 🙂

I know many of you are thinking this way. And it’s understandable. It’s a tough position to be in. You may not have your elopement or wedding on the exact day you wanted and THAT’S OK! We cannot predict life. We could not predict the worldwide pandemic. But we CAN stay positive, see the light at the end of the tunnel, and not wallow in the negative and have a pity party about how terrible things are. That will kill your spirit and energy and put you in a terrible headspace!!

So deeeeppp breaths.

We will get through this! We are in this together.

If you do plan to keep your wedding as planned, here are some things to consider to ease not only the spread, but also the minds of your guests:

Livestream your event

There are tons of ways you can livestream or set up a video for your loved ones. Facebook live, Instagram live, Zoom meetings. Some guests might not be able to physically make the wedding but would still love to be apart of it!

Set up a sanitation station

Set up a place with plenty hand sanitizer and antibacterial soap for your guests that’s easily accessible. You could even have latex gloves and masks on stand by if anyone would like.

Food and bar options

It’s probably a good idea to discuss what options you have with keeping things sanitized when it comes to your bar and catering service. A buffet might not be the way to go since guests will be using the same utensils to serve themselves.


The more communication you have, the better. Communicate with your guests to find out how many will still be ok to attend. Communicate with your vendors ASAP to find out where they stand with everything. Ask as many questions as you feel are necessary

so what are some other options for your upcoming pandemic wedding?

Making a contingency plan will help ease the fear and unknown of what is going to happen. Start making of list of what your priorities are and, based on that, you can start building your plan. Here are some options to get your wheels turning. Send me a message if you still have questions or even just need to vent!!

Postpone your wedding

No one wants to hear this but if you can have all the same wonderfulness at another time, then that’s the best thing!! Start contacting your vendors and wedding planner and see what the options are, what availability they have later in the year, if there are cancellation fees, and start putting together a tentative PLAN B wedding. It will help ease the fear of WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO? Start taking action now.

Have a more intimate gathering

If you’re not doing a destination wedding and still want to keep the day, make it a more intimate celebration around your area and then have really kick ass celebration later in the year!! Some guests will most likely not be able to travel or may not want to travel. Cutting down the amount of guests might be even better for you. Make it a small elopement with just you two, a Minister and your photographer in a wide open beautiful location! UGH, what a dream!!

You could do an EPIC HONEYMOON!

The very last option I would say is to cancel your upcoming pandemic wedding BUT have a really amazing celebration when all this is done!! If you do decide to cancel completely and set up something totally different or in a different year, THAT’S OK. Save the money for an epic honeymoon at the end of the year (I’m almost positive things will have calmed down by then) or save the money for a kick ass 5 year vow renewal!!

Take the time we have in these next couple of weeks (if your businesses are on hold) to sit down and discuss these options and set up a game plan. Having a PLAN B of what could happen will make you feel more at ease and in control.

I’m certain that most vendors will be flexible in their contracts and want to help you as much as they can. Reach out and see where they stand.

And if you still have your wedding on the same beautiful day you had planned, then it will be just as beautiful and lovely and wonderful.


World Health Organization –

Center for Disease Control –


We are all in this thing together. THE WHOLE WORLD.

No competition. We need to help each other.

Be flexible, be open, be positive.

There’s less pollutants in the air.

Families are spending more time together.

Shop locally.

Get some fresh air.

Slow down and enjoy the breeze.

Much love to all the couples out there!!


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