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Wondering what you can do for a date night in quarantine that doesn’t include Netflix?

This list will help you think outside that little box we all love so much. Yes movie nights are always great but doing something different will be refreshing. Continue reading for some epic at-home date night ideas.

Plan Your Dream Vacation

OHHHHH the places you can go together are ENDLESS!! My bucket list keeps growing. But to start planning and dreaming of what could actually happen makes it exciting and inspiring and motivating! Even if it’s a 10 year away dream, start planning now so you look forward to something together in the future.


Go Explore

You will remember these moments for life!! Trust me. It’s an experience. Go hiking, go to a waterfall, go on a walk to see something you haven’t seen, get back into nature. It’s good for your soul and your relationship!


Game Night

Yep, whip out those family board games. You would be totally suprised how much fun this is.

– Twister

– Go fish

– Monopoly

– Darts

– Dominoes


Cheese and Wine Night

Ok this one ya’ll. You know I’m a cheese monger in my next life. If you don’t like cheese, just do a wine tasting!

Best starter cheeses:

– Aged cheddar

– Smoked gouda

– Brie

– Goat cheese

– Be adventurous!

Best compliments:

– olives

– nuts

– honey

– sliced apples

– jams or compotes

– bread or crackers


Backyard Picnic

This could be super simple. String up some lights, put down a blanket, grab the music and some snacks and drinks, and chill out.  You could chat, watch the stars or just be.

boho-tropical-engagement-session-jadekiel-4 copy.jpg

Drive Date

Go pick up some snacks, take a long drive to beautiful spot, and have a mini picnic in your car! Super laid back date with a view.  My husband and I picked up tacos for an appetiser and then pizza for the main course. We played a little bossa nova on my phone and just chatted. The BEST kind of date!!


International Cuisine

Now for one of my favorite at-home date night ideas… Cook a meal together!!  My husband and I LOOOOVVVEE food so making a delicious meal from a region we have been is always a great night. Change up where you eat to on the porch too!!


Date Night Q&A

I like to give my couples a little experience with a date night package when they book with me. Inside are date night cards with questions you have probably never asked your significant. It’s a way to have a little giggle and to get to know your love way better.


Couple’s Spa

Light the candles, put on your fav music, turn down the lights and give each other a spa night! Foot massages, back massages, bubble baths, a few snacks and drinks and you have a cute little intimate at home date.


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