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September 17, 2020





EVERY SINGLE COUPLE with a wedding coming up are feeling exactly how your feeling.


Unsure about what to do next.

Where do you start?


First, here are some ways to help with anxiety.

I’m no doctor but these have helped me in the past:

  1. GO OUTSIDE – Taking a walk and being with nature is proven to help calm nerves. Go feel the sunshine.

  2. SET BOUNDARIES – Recognize what is making you feel drained and anxious and learn to either cut it out or set boundaries.

  3. EXERCISE – can decrease tension, improve sleep, and stimulate anti-anxiety effects. SWEAT A LITTLE BIT!

  4. DEEP BREATHES – Breathe in for 5 seconds and out for 8 seconds. The breath out is what relaxes you. It must be longer than breathing in.

  5. CALMING HERBAL TEA – Chamomile tea or peppermint tea.

  6. FEET UP – Lay down with your feet up for 15 minutes.

  7. STAY HEALTHY – when you eat a healthy well balanced meal, you feel good. If you eat crap, you feel like crap. Besides having chocolate sometimes. 😉

  8. TURN IT OFF – When you doing any of these activities, TURN OFF YOUR PHONE, TV and anything else distracting. Be in the moment.

So now that we have ways to keep the nerves at ease, let’s talk about your wedding plans.

how to start planning:

– DEEEPPPPP BRRREEAATHHEESSS – Take a few deep breathes before diving into your plans. Just to help relax the mind and body. Make sure your deep breathes are 5 seconds in and 8 seconds out. The out is the release so it should always be longer.

– HAPPY VIBES LIST – Write out 3 things that bring you happy vibes. Get into the right headspace. Keep this list on your fridge or by your computer. Keep it handy so you can always look back at it when your feeling overwhelmed.

– AFFIRMATIONS LIST – Write an affirmations list!! This are things you should always tell yourself. Some times you can’t remember them all so having them on a list reallllllllyyy helps. Keep this one handy as well.

– RIDE THE WAVE – Planning a wedding during covid is FLUID. It’s always changing, things get cancelled, things don’t go as planned, and THAT’S OK. Go into planning knowing this and having a mindset of ‘things change and I will ride the wave and go with the flow’ and you will be able to handle the unknown changes much easier.

– PRIORITIES – Start building a list of priorities. What do you need to do if you have to postpone your wedding. Set a new date, call vendors, and map out exactly what a PLAN B day would be like. These are just a few items that could go on this list.

– TAKE YOUR TIME – Tackle 1-2 things in your list. Don’t rush it. If you start feeling anxious, stop what your doing, take a deep breath, walk around, make a tea, watch a fav show. Say affirmations and read your happy vibes list. This whole situation is temporary.

– COMMUNICATION – with everyone, vendors, family, friends. Let them in on the plans. They can help with small tasks too.

– BE REAL – This is a tough time. Give yourself some grace and don’t be hard on yourself. Don’t bottle up emotions. Be honest and real with yourself. If it’s too hard to start the plans today, then it’s too hard. Try again in a couple days. 🙂

I truly hope this list helps you with replanning your wedding. There’s so much uncertainty right now so just live DAY BY DAY.


  • If you need a nap, take a nap.

  • When things get down, there’s only one way to go. UP.

  • 10 minutes outside will relieve stress.

  • You’re not alone in this. I’m in it too.

  • Listen to this song – Weightless by Marconi Union

  • You don’t have to be good at something for it to be good for you.

  • Yes you can.




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