15 Ways to Fight Boredom During Quarantine for Coronavirus

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March 20, 2020


I feel like this topic is circulating extensively in all the mommy groups and chats around the world.

Times are tough and yet we have all the time in the world to grow ourselves in positive ways.

Our normal routines and daily schedules have come to a halt and we are scrambling to find things to do!


Take it one day at a time.


Some days will be better than others. We have to first accept that. Some days you will be bored. And others will be super busy.

Think of what you can do to better yourself as a person.

What have you always wanted to learn?

Who have you been meaning to talk to?

What weaknesses do you have that you make stronger in this time?

Make sure anything you do has a POSITIVE EFFECT

I also find that setting out a schedule each day instead of just willy nilly ‘what am i gonna do today’, will keep you productive and feeling fulfilled and not too out of control. Here’s a sample schedule for people without children and without. There’s alot of outdoor time because well, nature is healing and who wants to be cooped up all day:

6:30am – Wake up have a cup tea, write down 3 things your grateful for in life – This sets up the rest of the day positively

7am – Start making breakfast, feed kids or just feed yourself

8am – Start tackling your day productively if you own business or can work from home. Or take a walk, ride your bike or play outside with children, (also learning apps for a little screen time).

9:30am – If your working, take a 10 minute break and stretch your legs. If not, put time aside for your new skill, workout, new recipe, or new game for littles or school work

10:30am – Snack for littles and/or relaxation/breathing exercises – sometimes listening to too much news can let the anxiety and fear creep back in. If it does, use breathing or meditation. I do this: breath in for 5 seconds and out for 8 seconds (the out is longer which helps release tension).

11:30am – gardening or outdoor time

12:00pm – Lunch time. If your working, take an hour for lunch and set out the intention for the rest of the day.

1:00pm – Read a book/listen to a positive podcast (my favs below). Nap time/parents much needed break for littles

3:00pm – Start a blog, learn a new language, snack time for littles

4:00pm – Go for a drive or ride your bike! Outdoor play for littles

4:30pm – Read aloud with littles

5pm – Dinner prep, call a loved one, free play for littles

6pm – Dinner



If you have any suggestions or recommendations, please leave them in the comments. The more the better!! We are in this together.

  1. COOK SOMETHING NEW!! There’s nothing like eating a good home cooked meal. I’m all about healthy eating but cook anything you’ve been eyeing.

    Check Real Simple

    and Skinny Taste

  2. KICK ASS WITH A DAILY WORKOUT! Set aside an hour each day to sweat a little. The endorphins you get from a good workout will be totally addicting.

    I looooveeee this app: Tone It Up

  3. REEEAADDDD!! This is so good for you brain and mental health. But make sure its a positive book with good vibes.

    I’m currently reading Essentialism

  4. FRESH AIR – Go for a walk people. Fresh air is so critical these days. If you are cooped up in the house for too long, cabin fever will set in. Turn off all radio, chats, phones and just listen to your surroundings. Get in a place of peace. Even it is just for 10 minutes.

  5. GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY – Gardening and being in a garden or outdoor space with plants is therapeutic. Don’t knock it till you try it. Taking care of plants and making sure they are pruned and water puts the mind at peace. Plant a new flower and watch it grow over the next month!

  6. LEARN A NEW SKILL – What kind of skill Amber? Ok so have you ever wanted to learn your new camera that has been sitting there for months or learn to play the cuatro? Start doing this now! Put a little time each day for your skill. By the time this is over, your a pro!!

  7. LISTEN TO A PODCAST – I love business podcasts but also ones that are uplifting. Here are my favs:

    The Jasmine Star Show

    The Balanced Life


    The Angie Lee Show

    The Heart and Hustle Show

    On Purpose with Alex Beadon

  8. WATCH A MOVIE/SERIES – no time like the present to start watching that show you’ve been DYING to see.

  9. BE PRODUCTIVE – If your a workaholic like me, nows the time to do all those things you’ve wanted to do for yo biz!! Systemize it, build workflows, write out that manual, how can you build your business during this time and what will you do in the future. Build a plan.

  10. REORGANIZE THAT ANNOYING MESSY DRAWER – I don’t know about you but I LOOOVEEE when my space is organised. I feel a sense of relief. Get it done. You will be productive once you do.

  11. BUILD A TENT, with pillows and popcorn and wine (duh) and watch a movie. It’s ok to be kid again and change up the scene.

  12. PHOTO ALBUMS – yea remember those you’ve wanted to do for so long of all your amazing trips and family photoshoots and special times in your life?! Now’s the time!! If you need help, message yo girl!! IT’S WHAT I DO YALL. Click HERE.

  13. STRETCH – I would stretch 2/3 times a day. Not only does stretching clear your mind by allowing you to focus on your body, it also releases endorphins. Blood flow to the muscles increases after a long stretch. So hit that yoga pose people!!

  14. JUST PAINT – painting is about being creative, doing something with your hands, learning something new, slowing down your pace and expanding your mind. You would be surprised how much you love it.

  15. TREAT YO’SELF! – take a 1/2 hour bath just because, give yourself a facial, drink that wine, eat that cake, DO WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL GREAT!

happy vibes:

This is temporary and will not last forever.

Love is never shut down. Spread it.

This is the time to better ourselves.

Fish are in the canals of Venice again. Our world is thriving.

Appreciate something beautiful in your environment right now.

Hope is never closed.

Caring is never closed.

Positivity is never closed.

Keep safe.

spread positivity.


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