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The Importance of Creating A Client Journey As A Photographer


I can’t stress enough the importance of creating a client journey as a photographer. You are just not there to capture the event flawlessly, but also for providing a positive client experience that does not spoil the memory of the occasion.

creating a client journey as a photographer


The client journey is the path by which a client interacts with a business in order to reach a goal. From reaching your website to inquiring to onboarding to offboarding to a year later! How are your ideal clients interacting with your brand?

Why creating a client journey is important:

Reduces The Overwhelm

Planning for a wedding or even a family session can be daunting to first-timers.  They don’t know where to take portraits, what steps come next with photography, how do they pay, what questions they should ask, how to feel comfortable with professional photography and so much more.  So you should be the person they come to for these questions.  You are the expert.  Be their guide in this journey and make it easy for them. 

Helps Clients Feel Nurtured

They want to know they can lean on you for anything, to be taken care of, and to ask any question about photography.  They don’t want to be wondering what to do next.  Remember this might be their first time hiring a photographer so they want to feel comfortable and relaxed going through the process. 

Creates An Organized Process

Not only does a well-thought-out client journey help your clients but it also helps you stay on top of all the steps and touch points for your client. It creates a great experience for them in a very organized journey and helps YOU stay on track!!  

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Amber is a destination elopement, intimate wedding, and portrait photographer rooted in Trinidad and Tobago but available anywhere in the world! Amber Dawn Photography has been featured in multiple international magazines and wedding blogs. She also specializes in engagements, couples, lifestyle, and boudoir sessions!

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