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Become a Photographer With No Experience


I get a lot of questions about how to become a photographer with absolutely no experience. The simplest solution is to simply begin.  Begin scared. Begin without knowing. JUST BEGIN!

Today, I will be sharing how to become a photographer with zero experience and all the things you should take into account if you wish to start today.

outdoor engagement session

1. Practice daily

Practicing with your camera and different lenses daily will help you understand your equipment and open the door to more artistic shooting.

Try different angles, apertures, water, glass, nature, sunlight, and shutter speeds. All these elements help build your creative skills as a photographer.

2. Ask family and friends to be your subjects

If you want it to get into any type of photography that involves humans, well then you need to start shooting people. I started as a landscape and nature photographer. However, I realized I wanted more of a challenge and to try different subjects.

The more you shoot people the more comfortable you will get with people – in different poses and in lighting.

3. Try something artistic or new

Is there a technique you’ve always wanted to try like free lensing or double exposures? Don’t be afraid to step outside the box! Doing something others don’t do will get you noticed.

4. Collaborate with other photographers

This gave me the biggest step in my experience journey. The more I worked alongside other photographers, the more I learned about photography, how I wanted to shoot and what style I gravitated towards, and the more I knew what type of business I wanted to build.

5. Invest in your education

If you are gonna take this seriously and build a business, look into investing in your education. I wish this was something I did early in my career although education was not as abundant as it is now.

Investing EARLY in your career will give you a kick start in building your biz.

Hire a coach to help you at every step along the way, do in-person workshops for connection, or only courses but stick to them on a regular basis.


This is extremely important. You need to know what your camera and gear are capable of to maximize your skills as a photographer.

Do you know how high your ISO can go without too much grain? Do you know which lens is the sharpest? What lens has the best bokeh?

When you know your equipment, you can focus on the creative aspect of shooting, creating beautiful images that are your own style and giving the best experience to your clients.

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Amber is a destination elopement, intimate wedding, and portrait photographer rooted in Trinidad and Tobago but available anywhere in the world! Amber Dawn Photography has been featured in multiple international magazines and wedding blogs. She also specializes in engagements, couples, lifestyle, and boudoir sessions! Let’s chat! 

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