Balancing Life while Planning an Intimate Wedding

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8 tips to help keep your life balanced while planning a wedding.

Balancing life and intimate wedding planning doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these 8 helpful tips to keep your daily lifestyle and sanity.





Early Bird

We all know the phrase early bird gets the worm. Well it holds true in almost every scenario of life. Especially elopement/wedding planning! The earlier you start the less stressed you will feel later. Pick your vendors, get quotes, solidify your destination or venue, choose your color palette, pin some inspo pics, build a checklist, do anything to get the ball rolling. It’ll save you later.



Even though it is your wedding, you don’t have to do everything yourself. Ask your partner, or even friends and family for help – they want to support you! Have your bridal party over for a night of DIY-ing your wedding decor. Or, have your partner call venues for quotes. However this looks for you, asking for help from those around you can alleviate a lot of stress planning a wedding can create.





You don’t want to spend time all day planning wedding stuff. Block out a specific time to plan a little bit each day and stick to it. It can be small, even an hour or two provides you with plenty of time to get things done. When that time is done, stop planning. Seriously, stop. This way you won’t get burnt out.


Chunk Tasks

Don’t try to do 500 things at once with planning. Do little bit at a time and map out the week. Do 2 hours a day and keep the elements the same. In other words, don’t jump around from bridesmaids dresses to catering to decor. One day, plan your decor for ceremony and the reception. Another day, plan your bouquet, your bridesmaids bouquets and the boutonnieres. Keep it simple. It’ll help you be more productive if you focus on one thing at a time.




Self Care

Always schedule time for yourself. Yep, schedule it. Treat it as if it’s just as important as any other task on your list. This is key to balancing life and intimate wedding planning! Life can be crazy and you will always need time to decompress. Whether that looks like a spa night or a shopping day, do something you love for yourself, and take care of YOU.


Healthy Lifestyle

This can make all the difference. A healthy lifestyle will make you feel refreshed, energized, and mentally balanced. Eat healthy, exercise, get fresh air. Even consider trying meditation or breath work to help keep you grounded, focused, and at your best. Plus, you’ll be glowing when your big day finally arrives.




Stay Organized

There are a lot of moving parts when planning the big day so being organized is critical. Keep a planner to organize your deadlines to make sure you’re on track. Write out a master list of all the tasks that need to be completed. Having everything written out somewhere makes organization so much easier. But, if you’re not the best at this, hire a wedding planner – that’s their specialty!


‘No Planning’ date nights

Have date nights, but don’t discuss wedding plans. Make sure you’re spending quality time together instead of solely focusing on everything that needs to get done for the wedding. Take a break from the obligations you have and talk about your next trip together or what you would like to do with the next 5 or even 10 years!


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