Salt - Pricing and Welcome Guide template

how it works:

You can customize the entire guide to fit your business with beautiful imagery and copy that speaks to your ideal clients.  I walk you through each section, helping you with what to say, how to easily design each page so you have a stunning, branded guide that is ready to go!  For any creative looking to add that wow factor to their client experience. 

This guide was inspired by the cool soft tones and hues of the beach and salty sea. It has 20+ pages with a minialmistic and clean design, lots of white space, modern fonts and a cool color palatte.  

What's inside

Use the PDF guide to help you write the copy for each section as well as structuring your first email!  Use the video guide to help with designing the guide for your business.

 - 25+ page Canva template (only a FREE account needed) 
 - Drag and drop design
 - PDF guide for copy tips 
 - Video tutorial on designing for your business
 - BONUS:  How to Structure Your Initial Email

 - 5 cover page options
 - Introduction
 - Table of contents
 - Your experience
 - Kind Words
 - 4 Collection page options

 - Other Sessions
 - Add on's
 - Albums and Prints
 - Next steps
 - Picture collages
 - Thank you

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