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My philosophy is very simple.  I want to capture nostalgia, an experience, to feel something.  Something you remember forever as a moment in time.  I truly value the real moments and the genuine emotions you share together. So cry it out! Laugh it up! That’s who you are together! Telling your story with this in mind and all the significant elements of your day that bring you both together are at the forefront of my work. 

Photography is one of the most important elements when planning your wedding.  Think about it.  It's the last thing you will have when all the cake is eaten and the last drop of tequila is drunk.  


It's a true story that is told for years to come,

and should be captured that way.  

I want to travel with you, explore new locations, venture to far off lands and help you both build beautiful memories to last longer than a lifetime.  Let's have an adventure and get muddy in the rain and capture every moment. somewhere that is close to your hearts.  

Let's get lost together.

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For investment details and availability, please send a message using the contact form or the button down below.  

I accept a very limited number of weddings and elopements each year to give my full focus to each one of my clients. 

Remember, some weddings or elopements could be on my bucket list and could be FREE!!

Collections start at:

Trinidad Weddings $14,000 TT

Trinidad and Tobago Elopements $10,000 TT

Caribbean Weddings $2,200 US

Caribbean Elopements $1,500 US

International Weddings $2,500 US

International Elopements $1,800 US

Travel fees not included

 Excited to hear from you!