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Couple sessions whether it's an engagement, anniversary, or just to capture a moment in time between you and your person, are some of my favorite sessions.  These sessions are relaxed, EXTRA adventurous, not constrained by a clock, and full of variety.  The possibilities to create a memorable session in a space unexplored, or personal, or BOTH, are absolutely endless.  

My philosophy for capturing couple sessions is simply this: real nostalgia.  Let's make a session to remember for a lifetime.  Let's explore a new location that you both will build a connection too.  Or adventure to a spot that you both have already connected too.  I value the real moments and the genuine emotions you share together.  Telling your story with this in mind and all the significant elements that bring you both together are at the forefront of my work.  



For details and availability, please send a message using the contact form or the button down below.  

I accept a very limited number of couple sessions each year and the average couple spends

about $3,000 TT or $500 US on a couple session. 



Let's explore!