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Why choose me?

I will go to the moon, around the moon, and bring back moon cheese for you!

This is not about just picking a photographer for your wedding.  It's not about crossing another vendor off your checklist.  Having the right vibe, the right connection with your photographer, that’s what it’s about.  I’M NOT TRYING TO BE YOUR BESTIE. But I will eat messy tacos and laugh in a rainstorm with ya! Wedding photography captures the essence of your day, the unplanned look, the giggling so hard that beer comes out your nose moments, and the lovey dovey fleeting moments that make you look back and wish you could live that day all over again.  These images are family treasures you will keep for years to come (even the beer out the nose pictures).

I believe your photographer, the one that is by your side ALL DAY, should be the one that laughs with you, helps you remember why your there when all the craziness starts to be too much, helps to make you comfortable, relaxed and connected to the day, but also laughs with you when the beer comes flying out your nose.

If you cant live without me,

T&T Weddings starting at $14,000 TT

T&T Elopements starting at $8,000 TT

T&T Couple Sessions starting at $2,800 TT

Destination Weddings starting at $3,500 US

Destination Elopements starting at $2,000 US

Travel included in destination prices. Some prices may vary depending on location.



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