Is this Ireland & Santorini? St. Maarten Island Engagement session


Kristin + paul

Ok check out what happened on this engagement session.  

Everything about this weekend was totally blow mind amazing. Kristin and Paul are the type of couple you become friends with for LIFE.  They were down for anything and love a good laugh and a good meal. I wish we were besties. 

This was the adventure we went on:

 - hike at sunrise next to the ocean which looked like IRELAND

 - 100’s of goats grazing (including a baby goat that I was about to take home)

 - double rainbow that appeared from no where 

- A secluded natural pool next to the ocean

 - Nudest beach with people wearing beads in places they shouldn’t be

 - Running into a group called the Lemon Drops who wanted Paul to join

 - Then ending the day at a beach that was just like SANTORINI with a beautiful sunset.

Of course we went out for dinner and got the most DELIZIOSO pizza and prosecco.  
This is why destination engagement sessions are the best.  

You get to explore. 

You get WAY more time than just a quick 1 hour session. 

You get to build an entire experience. 


Amber Rostant