Meet Amber Dawn


Photo by the forever talented friend of mine, Julie Charlett (we just happen to be going to Santorini at the same time. Excuse my cheesy grin.)

Photo taken by the talented Sergio Serrintino

Photo taken by the talented Sergio Serrintino


Who likes writing about themselves on these pages.  I don't know anyone that does.  So instead of writing a lengthy boring bio about who I am, I'll make it short and to the point.  

the girl

I'm an easy going type of girl, nature lover, and obsessed with photography.  As a child, I would flip through my Dad's monthly National Geographic magazines and wonder about the world but NEVER thought I'd be a wedding photographer.  I loved to take pictures with a disposable camera growing up, never realizing that it was my calling to be a photographer (sorry if that was a little deep).  The pressure of a wedding, I just couldn't understand why anyone would put themselves through that stress.  Little did I realize that the art, the story, and the connections FAR exceeded any stress.  

I'm an extrovert and introvert, big time foodie (I could eat tacos for every meal) and CONSTANT dreamer.  Love to be outdoors, on any body of water, up a mountain or just on my couch eating a plate full of cheese (yes I said a plate FULL of cheese).

I love hard (cry at commercials about families and their dogs), love to get a little messy and love a good meal with good company.  If you like anything on this page, we are going to get along just fine.

the photographer

I will explore distant places with you and create unforgettable memories of your love that you will treasure forever (Can you hear the Dos Equis Spanish man with a raspy voice saying that?)  Totally sounds like a commercial but it’s true! This is what excites me.  I love shooting those simple moments of real connections.  I don't like to pose.  I want to capture the emotional bond between you and your person. It’s awesome. I want to be apart of that awesome. And nothing is better to capture than a belly laugh that makes you cry (and pee) a little.

I thrive for creative details, the lace lining of your dress, the specially chosen flowers in your bouquet, the Spanish building your getting ready in, the handwritten letter to your love..... details that tell your story together. A wedding or elopement full of personal touches, unique treasures and homemade style is the best type.  

It's extremely important for me to be completely present when documenting your love, giving you my all, 100% of the time.  I value our connection as much as capturing your wedding story.  We are building a friendship, not just checking off a vendor.  And when all is said and done, you will look back on your images in AWW and relive that magical day again and again and again. 


This is not work for me.  It's in my bones. 

(ok that was longer than expected) 

It doesn’t matter where your going, it’s whose beside you.
— Unknown


Things I dig

My sweet son, Zayne Pierre (duh)

My dream of a husband, Jon


Tacos, tacos, tacos

Music festivals

CHEESE (all kinds)


Exploring new territories with my dude

Cozy blankets

Dogs (all kinds)

New eats

Warm sun in a tropical paradise

Delicious smelling soap

Eating clean

Weight training

A good documentary

Hand written cards

Quality coffee (Full Bloom Trinidad. A must.)

Adventuring to outdoor spaces

Water sports

Candles of all kinds


Friends (real friends and the show)

Artistic people 

Photo taken by the talented Sergio Serrintino

Photo taken by the talented Sergio Serrintino

amber dawn-illustrations-04.png

This day is one of the most important days of your life! To marry your best friend. To become one family. You need someone that understands the importance and can capture it the way you envision it.


Are you ready to chat about your dream elopement or wedding?